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Xiphos brings together a thorough understanding of the business processes and active technology areas of an organization to provide appropriate and timely information to stake holders for improved decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service. Our self-developed application will collect data (transactions) from multiple sources subsequently applying sanitization and cleansing processes to make it ready for analysis.


Our step-by-step methodology embedded in the application enable users to extract data from different sources viz. databases, files, to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework which becomes precursor for real-time relevant data analysis.


Business intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance.


  • Our solution analyses insights of the data sets and help to pinpoint the exact area to focus, improving which will improve operational efficiencies across the organization.
  • Optimize the ROI and IT investments such as data management, data mining, customer intelligence, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning technology.
  • Enabling faster problem-solving and decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.
  • Achieving compliance as per the government and other regulatory guidelines.



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