Enterprise Data Analysis & Reporting Tool (eDART)




eDART is an enterprise class, light weight, data analysis and reporting tool , developed using Microsoft technologies. eDART can connect multiple data sources like any relational databases and flat files for importing the data set and load into inbuilt DB engine.


This tool does data sanitization and supports correct representation of data from multiple – data sources via customized chart builder using available cleansed data set thereby optimizing resource cost by reducing execution time for data analysis, a standard procedure for all consulting activity.


A smart Rule engine allow users to manipulate data received from different data sources by applying the defined rules created by application administrator. The imported data can be exported into MS Excel format. The tool also have a dashboard that generate reports in PDF/Word format. Data processed at the dashboard can be exported into MS excel format as well.





Query Builder (QB)
eDart application will have a smart query building engine that help users to connect the databases (RDBMS) installed at different servers, select data tables and views, and then select required columns visually.


Rule Engine (RE)
eDart also armed with a strong Rule engine that can be applied on data sets while importing or on already imported data.


Data Validation
eDart has built-in functionality that validate the data set while importing. This validation process actually use pre-defined rules and some built-in functions.


Form Wizard (FW)
eDart also have a built-in Form Wizard that help user to create their manual entry form after connecting to a table of a database. This form can be saved as template as well for future use.


Report Wizard (RW)
eDart has a smart Report Wizard that create reports from analyzed data set extracted from same or different data sources.

Import Engine

  • Oracle (9i,10g,11g)
  • SQL Server (2005,2008,2012)
  • MySQL
  • Ingres (9.x,10.x)
  • Vectorwise
  • DB2


Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard reporting in eDart application has multiple charts generated from different data sets with certain analysis. The chart also have a control to set different parameters on these selected data set for immediate reflection. Dashboard provides a feature like chart export and report in PDF or MS Word format.


SAP – Smart Connector

eDart provides an option to read-only connectivity to SAP R3 installation. It will work with less priority while connecting the system for data import. This is just to avoid connectivity problem during peak hours. Data can be retrieved from SAP underlying database either real-time(on-demand) or schedule basis.



eDart provides an option for backup and recovery of stored projects. The backup will contain all the objects like tables, rules, graphs etc for a particular project under certain domain group. This backup set can be restored in any compatible client system for future analysis and reporting.




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